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thxxxx ily guys if you’re still reading my blog ❤




I Need Your Opinions @anyone who still uses WP

Heyyy so idk if any of my followers still use WordPress but if you’re reading this I need your opinion:

I really want to come back to WordPress and I know i’v been saying that for the last 2 years and still haven’t come back. But you guys have been a big part of my life and the reason I still haven’t made a goodbye post is because im still not ready to let go of this blog.

ANYWAYSSS, the real question I wanted to ask you guys is should I post on this blog or my personal one. I want to post on this one but I don’t want to change any of the Fantage stuff because I did have people who worked hard on thing blog (like Bambi, Evelyn, Carly, Hardy, Linda S/O to you guys!!!!) and I don’t want to delete any of their work. BuTTTT I have wayyyy for followers on this blog and I really don’t feel like starting from the bottom again because it really did take me forever to get here. Lol this is kinda confusing but what do you guys think I should do? Right now im thinking of using my other blog and just reposting everything here.


About Moi


My name’s Tiffany. I am Canadian born Chinese,I play the Flute and piano and i can speak Cantonese,English,Japanese (im an 8th Japanese),I can understand Mandarin (don’t try me) and i speek French (I take french immersion ) I’m obsessed with Hockey, even if I can’t skate. I’m Canadian so maybe that’s why I love hockey so much.

here is more about me…

Job : Admin/owner

Age: 13

Fantage level: 305 ( non-member level)

351 (member level) – last updated free PM week of 2015

Fav Fantage blogs: Fantage Spades and My Fantge Info

Fav sports: hockey, swimming, diving

Fav hockey team: Canucks (my city), Calgary Flames, Chicago Blackhawks, Anahiem Duck (just cuz Juice and Kes are there)

Fav Hockey players: Juice, Kes, Luo, Schneids, Bur, Markus Näslund, Trevor Linden and the Sardine twins  (all of them have played for Vancouver Canucks)

*for those who don’t speak Canuck it’s: Kevin Bieksa, Ryan Kesler, Roberto Luongo, Cory Schneider, Alex Burrows, Markus Näslund, Trevor Linden, Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin*

Fav swimmer: Jospeh Schooling (Singapore)

Fav books: Dead is the new black, Peecy Jackson, Harry Potter, Twilight

Fav movie: Rush hour 2, Pitch Perfect, Captian America civil war, Avengers, Iorn man2, Harry Potter (4th and 5th are my faves), Edge of 17

Fav Tv show : Once Upon a Time, Izombie, Charmed, America’s got talent,America’s next ninja warrior, Lucifer, Big Bang theory, Pretty little liar, CSI (Las Vegas), Bones

Fav actors : Demi Lovato, Anna Camp, Shannon Dortothy, Kaylee Couco (not sure if I spelled it right)

Fav band: Dragonette,Maroon 5,Coldplay,One Republic

Fav singer:Demi Lovato, Hedley, Shawn Hook, John Legend, Pharrel

Fav song:Ghost, give your heart a break, thinking out loud,poket full of dreams, Hello ( Hedley, Dragonette and Adele)

I was inspried by Cindy the owner of My Fantage Info to start blogging. Sadly she quit ( not officialy ) around the time I started blogging (December 2014 ) .


~Tiffany ❤

Merry xmas

merry late Christmas and happy holiday🎉🎊

I’m making and about me post, since I’ve obivously changed since the last time I actually made a useful post and I’m pretty sure the “about us” page still says I’m 11😂


Aye I haven’t posted in like idk how long like 5 months? Since Canada say I think…

anyways I might start posting again idk cuz I’m so over Fantage so ye. I’ll probably start posting again when Chrismas break starts (2 weeks).

Yeee so in the meantime follow me on Instagrams @tiffanycai_

idk who’s still active and hasn’t quit yet, all I remember is Gabriel quitting and that was like a longggggg time ago



– New Event (7/28; 8/3) –

Fantage Bambi

Dumpling Dash


Fantage 2 (2).PNG

Welcome to the Dumpling Dash event! Join other fantage users, including myself, in playing Fantage‘s newest game! Earn dumplings by leveling up in Dumpling Dash! “Delicious” limited items are also available for purchase!

( To be honest this “event” SUCKS! )

Fantage 1.jpg

If you go to Downtown, you will see the event arch/sign. Sitting on the left are the limited items. On the right is information about the event.

( If you have played before, you would know that this is always how it is. )

Fantage 3.PNG

These are the Dumpling Dash limited items. They are pretty pricey with a low of 3,000 gold. A personal favorite is the cute headband.

( Yesh, do they think we grow money on trees? So expensive -.- )

Fantage 2.PNG

If you click the “Event Info” dumpling with chopsticks, this pops up. If you click “GO TO CRUISE DECK”, it will bring you to…

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