Wow, Really?

….So everyone in the universe knows…LOL!

Fantage Flock

Hi Flockers! You might think this is gonna be a really cool post by the title…but no. It’s my kiosk. Lol. 😛
It’s still 1D-3! I couldn’t find other ones so I randomly clicked 1D-3! And this time I’m telling you what I’m selling:

1. Soccer Hair-10k (min)

2. Salmon Colored Hair-1273

3. Elemental Sword-670

Please buy! I’m not forcing you to though. Just asking. 🙂


Reblog so everyone in the universe knows! Lol jk, but that would help! 😛

Why is my name signed before these 2 lines??? Lol.

~Nuttie~ x2 😛

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