Learn How to Edit: Shading

Fashionable Fantagian

lhte shading

Things you’ll need:


-Picture for refference

Step 1: Outline

Check out ” Learn how to edit: Custom” for this step.

Here’s a tip: If you don’t have those fancy programs like Photoshop ; draw your outline on a piece of graph paper, then transfer it into paint. Like this: (Click to enlarge)

Scan  ( You must be super patient though)

Screenshot_1 Once you have your outline, select you colour.

Step 2 : Shading

Before that, think of where your light source is. Mine is at the top, so the hair colour on the top will be lighter. Then, fill your entire hair with your base colour.


Now using a darker colour (two more darker than the base colour) shade the hair.The darker part is usually at the edge of your hair . You can see the top part is lighter. Then, I use a more darker colour to…

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