Please Buy!

Fantage Flock

Hey Flockers! I’m (again) asking you to buy from my kiosk. 🙂 I hope you aren’t getting annoyed of this. My kiosk is 1D-3, but that’s gonna change soon. (They’re resetting tonight.) I’m selling

Mermaid Ears: 670

Salmon Colored Ponytail: 1273

Warrior Outfit: 670

But if you want anything, comment down below with the requested price and if I have it I might sell it for you. Thanks!


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4 thoughts on “Please Buy!

  1. Sorry if I’m being rude but I’m getting tired of the people that keep trying to persuade people to buy from them. I mean like a lot of people don’t have gold and they want gold. Can you just post once every time they reset, thanks.

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