Mean People.


I was at the clubhouse when I saw this post.

this is so sad ll crys ll

If you can’t really read it, here is what it said:

soso146781 5/27/2015

😦 ok im not trying too start Drama

this rlly hurt my feelings, this girl told me that fantage dont like black people and she told me too just change my skin color to fit in. :[

Is it really worth it? It’s FANTAGE!!! I don’t know if I can impact the whole world with this post, but all of us can if we stand together!

I could be light-skinned on Fantage, but does that mean that I am light- skinned in real life?

No. Fantage gives you all these choices to express yourself! People, who are sometimes called “oreos” are people with dark skin, but act like a common white girl. Oops, sorry for the language. I mean, it is wrong and hurtful. Racist enough…

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