idk when im coming back from my break.

My school ends on the 25th.

but the main problem is my depression and anger problems.

You all know me as the nice sweet owner of Fantage TIffy.

Well im not…

a few minutes ago I lost it a a someone

Im worst at home and school.

It was actually in my spam comments but I just felt like telling them off.



4 thoughts on “Idk

  1. well i just checked the thing
    and u have every right to be mad
    i barely understood some of it
    wth ? y r they spamming and advertising on a FANTAGE blog srsly?
    and btw ur not the only one who has anger issues
    same here

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  2. I read it and I didn’t understand it either. But I know that SEO means search engine optimization. It by SEO that your blog links appear on google, yahoo, bing etc. For example if someone types Fantage Tiffy on google, and your blog is not SEO optimized, your blog link will not appear on google search results. But your blog is perfectly available on google and other search engines, so why did that SEO guy started telling you about stuff that no one could understand except a computer expert?

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