Tips for Recoloring


I’ve seen a lot of Fantage recolors (well, it’s not just Fantage recolors that have this problem, but I digress) that could be a lot better if they just tweaked the colors a little. There are also a lot of recolors out there that fall into some common pitfalls that make them look, well, kind of ugly. In this post I’ll be outlining some coloring tips that you can use to take your Fantage recolors from okay to gorgeous.

Note: I’m not really an expert at Fantage recoloring. I’ve been editing/recoloring Pokémon sprites for about a year now, so that’s where most of my knowledge comes from. These are just things that all good sprites I’ve seen do.

Tip 1: Always have a dark enough outline for your recolor.
If you look at some of the better-pixeled Fantage items, you will see that they all have darker outlines, even if…

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