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Fantage Flock

Hello Flockers! I just want to do a few quick blog rates because I’ve seen a few people do this, so I decided to try it out!

**If you get offended easily, don’t participate in this*


  • Re-blog to your main blog (keep the re-blog: no cheating!)
  • Comment that you want your blog rated, and your blog URL
  • Follow my blog (optional)
  • Don’t get offended or mad when I rate your blog; if you think or know that you will then don’t participate

Okay! I’ll rate your blog like this (Credits to Shir from My Random Guide):


Nuttie: Fantage Flock

Theme: _/5

Color and Background: _/5

Header: _/5

Widgets: _/5

Posts: _/5

Pages: _/5

Organization: _/5

Overall: _/5

Okay, and by the way, I won’t judge your blog by your workers because I don’t think that is fair.


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