Someone hacked me AGAIN.

I have 0 stars,0 ecoins and 0 gold.

I just notice because my clothes were different from before(I had the Hermonie thing I posted on Hogwarts )

and that person hacked me TODAY (know because I didn’t get my daily attendance)

The only person that knew my password was Piya.

Im not blaming you because I know you wouldn’t do that to me but…





7 thoughts on “Hacked

  1. OMG that’s sooooooo bad!!! I feel like punching that person! And I deleted your mail with the password and stuff as soon as I had given you the stars so that I can’t even read it. I can’t even think about doing such stuff! I feel so bad for you! Maybe I can help you when you get a kiosk?

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  2. And also I didn’t knew your password because as I told in the previous comment, I didn’t even have the mail! I deleted it the same day! And I couldn’t even think about doing such kind of stuff. Oh why didn’t you change the password after I had used it? I told in the mail to change your pass before or after so that I cannot be blamed and also told that if you want, then don’t give the password. I know you’re not blaming me but you said that only I knew so the direct suspect would be me! :’-(

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