Hacking + Other Updates

Nebulous Days

Okay, so if you’ve read some of the recent posts some people are posting then you may know the hacking going around. Many fantagians are getting hacked of their items and such.

Okay, to avoid getting hacked you should

  • Have a different password for almost all your social medias. It might be all hard to remember so you should write them down on paper because your computer could easily get hacked.
  • Make sure your password is not too simple. Don’t include numbers such as 123 b/c they are too easy to guess. Don’t use your birthday, your name, your pet’s name, your username etc.
  • Change your password every few months.
  • If you forgot your email or the password to it contact Fantage by phone to change it.
  • Don’t trade accounts.
  • As you may have noticed, many bloggers are getting hacked…so from this I would suggest that you have your wordpress…

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