How Did You Guys Do It?

Every single time I go on Fantage I find something else missing from my inventory. I never really checked what she took from me, I stopped going on after she hacked me.

How did you guys just get over Gone Gone hacking you guys?

I can’t go on Fantage without thinking of Gone Gone, I can’t even blog without thinking of Gone Gone. I actually almost got over her but that was when I stopped blogging. But now that I know it was Owlet idek what to say. It hurts me so much that not only she hacked me but she hacked me first. I was so nice to her, I worked hard on her blog, I quit her blog but came back because I didn’t want her to feel like I quit because I didn’t like her.

It’s been half a year since she hacked me and I still have 0 gold. She took all my good items and 40k gold.

Idk why I can get over Free Fantage Gold and Item but not this.

How did you guys do it?



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