Not the community, just the blogs I’m working on right now.

I feel guilty for not posting on Hibiscuspanda and Fantage Tiffy, and it’s unfair that my name is under Authors on the blogs but I don’t post and I feel like I’m definitely not pulling any weight in working on the blogs. I also want to work a bit more on my own blog and new ideas. I felt so selfish saying that, haha.

I only joined Hibiscuspanda and Fantage Tiffy because I didn’t want to create another Fantage blog because it was boring but I wanted to blog at the same time, so I decided to join these blogs and work on them until I had my own blog that was mostly finished, though you might say my blog is still in ‘beta’ mode, not that exists anyways…

I feel so mean now because I joined the blogs with a bad purpose. I knew I was going to leave those blogs sooner or later. I’m really sorry and I hope you replace me with someone way better than me.






2 thoughts on “Leaving

  1. sorry this is like 5 days late…
    You don’t have to leave, I don’t care if you post once a month (bcuz that what I do lol) or even once a year. But if you still wanna leave, then your always welcome to come back 🙂

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