Fantage has changed a lot so here are some things that you can say RIP to :

Trade’n sell (changed to Vintage Gold)

Power up shop (now Q-blast)

Vintage Gold (now PM boutique)

Vintage shop (changed to Trade’n sell)

The blue loding screen (now PM adds)

The old daily attendance ( I like the new one better)

Daily spin

Cosmic bingo (now extreme bingo)

Cosmic bingo prizes (i think it was because they didn’t have any more pet types)

And soon PM boutique (the shops in that spot don’t stay forever)


16 thoughts on “©RIP©

  1. God I miss all of those things. I never seen the Vintage Gold because I quite right before I opened, like a day before lol. I’m back now though. I hate the new bingo its much harder then the old one.

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