Past Staff


Hello! My screen name is hardyboysfan, but you can call me Hardy! Here are some facts about me:

– My job here is currently Admin.

– I live in the USA.

– I am a Taiwanese American (that means I was born in America but my parents were born Taiwanese).

– I can speak and understand Mandarin Chinese and English, I used to be able to understand a little bit of Japanese, and I am currently learning Spanish.

– I am between the ages of 10-14 (although it might say 20 on my social media).

– I am currently in middle school.

– I use an Virtual Academy(that is a online public school… so not exactly homeschooling).

– My parents are Christian so naturally… I get some of their stuff. No hates please.

– I love playing computer games.

– I love playing Fantage, Animal Jam, Goodgame Empire, Goodgame Big Farm, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Clash of Clans, and many more other games.

– My Fantage level on my main account is around 125.

– I like blogging.

– My favorite series of books are the Hardy Boys written by Franklin W. Dixon.

– My top five favorite music artists are: Tedashii, Big Sean, Jeremih, Black Veil Brides, and Chris Tomlin.

– My favorite movie is hard to say… but I think I’ll go between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the Star Wars series.

– My top five favorite songs are: Dum Dum by Tedashii, Chainsaw by Family Force 5, I Don’t **** With You by Big Sean, Don’t Tell ‘Em by Jeremih, and Fallen Angels by Black Veil Brides.

– My top five favorite foods are: PIZZA!!!, Mac and Cheese, candy without nuts, pasta, and… shrimp with onions.

– My favorite blog is… uh… well, mine:

– My top five favorite sites I go on are:,,,, and probably

– I like to read mystery and action books.

– I love watching anime.

– I am super awesome 😀

Uh… that’s about it… if you want more info, you can directly contact me at


Fantage(main account): hardyboysfan

Other Fantage: hotttchic, tomboyJo, boyswagger0 (that’s a zero at the end), eunicesaccount

Animal Jam(main account): hardyboysfan

Other Animal Jam: tomboyjo, boyswagger0, hotttchic, hardyisme, jwliou4p, testplay123

Goodgame Empire(main): hardyboysfan

Other Goodgame Empire: Lamborghini

Goodgame Big Farm(main): hardyboysfan

Other Goodgame Big Farm: jlovesu

The Hobbit Kingdoms Of Middle Earth: hardyboysfan

Asphalt 8 Heat: hardyboysfan

Kingdoms and Lords: hardyboysfan

Clash Of Clans: hardyboysfan

I play many more games, but those are the ones I play most often.

Facebook: Joseph Lonbur

Google+: Joseph Lonbur

Youtube: Joseph Lonbur








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